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- is the coaxial broadband surge protection BrOK®, type SPKO-N-x50-1,5G-B / F-M is a typ 1 (lightning current drain). It is equipped with a gas-fired lightning arrester and is intended for use in the frequency band 0-1,5 GHz. The protector is connected to a protected coaxial cable as a through connector with N / F-F connectors.

               Specification of coaxial broadband surge protection BrOK®, type SPKO-N-x50-1,5G-B/F-M 

The broadband coaxial voltage surge protector SPKO-N-x50-1,5G-B/F-M is an overvoltage protection type 1 (lightning current drain) fitted with a gas-fired lightning arrester. .Overvoltage protection protects coaxial cables and devices from electromagnetic impulses associated with atmospheric discharges during a thunderstorm or industrial elmg interference as specified in IEC 61312-1 (tested with a current wave of 2.5 kA and a duration of 10/350 μs).

In order to facilitate proper functioning of any surge protection it is important to provide an adequate connection to the equi-potential lead of the protected system EP. This connection must be made using a copper conductor of at least 2.5 mm2. The protection is simply inserted in the line using connectors type N/F-M. Rugged construction of the protections assures reliable drainage of lightning currents thus protecting the equipment against thermal destruction. The effectiveness of the BrOK® protections allows them to be installed even in enclosures constructed using thermo-plastic materials.

Type designation: SPKO-N-x50-1,5G-B/F-M, see fig.1

Note: x = 0 for basic version to transmit power VF up to 50 W, x = 3 or x = 9 for custom design at surcharge of 15% to 350 or 950 W transmitted power.

Catalog code: spkon15gb / fm

   Technical parameters of protection: 

                                                                 The protection is fitted with a 20 kA, 8/20 μs lightning arrester or an equivalent.
Bandwidth of protection: 0 - 1,5 GHz
Max. residual voltage on the protected output with IZRP applied: see fig.2
Attenuation and reflection coefficient in the working bandwidth: see fig.3
Test current impulse IZRP: 2,5 kA for pulse of 10/350 µs

The way how to connect a surge absorber into a signal path:

- as a cable through-junction by connectors N/F-F

- to an equipotential busbar of EP object by the stranded Cu conductor with the minimal cross-section of 2,5mm2 with molded cable eye and M5 bolt 

Mounting position: any                        Dimension-outlin:             Weight: 74 g                              Cover class: IP20


spko n 15g fm  


1 spko n 12g b fm                                      

Fig.2 Shows the trace of the residual voltage present on the output of the coaxial voltage protection BrOK®, type SPKO-N-x50-1,5G-B/F-M when subjected to a transient current wave of 2.5 kA, 10/350 µs.

2 spko n 15g b fm

Fig.3 The attenuation and reflection characteristic of the narrowband coaxial overvoltage protection BrOK®,

type SPKO-N-x50-1,5G-B/F-M when measured in the band from 10 MHz to 2,5 GHz.

Analyzer Setting:

Attenuation: -10 dB/div (yelow curve 1)

Reflection coefficient: -10 dB/div (green curve 2)

Cursor set at: 1,504 GHz 

Important warning:

For surge arresters fitted with a gas-fired lightning arrestor, it is recommended to periodically check the protection function at the interval 1x / year. In cases where broadband transmission protection is not necessary, we recommend the use of maintenance-free narrowband protection with short-circuit wiring.

The Warranty period is 24 months from the date of date of sale. In case of doubt is the condition of the warranty acceptation the check on place of instalation by our serviceman and the label type be intact. By the warranty period duration is possible to supply an spare surge absorber of a same type.

The certificate of conformance was issued based on test protocol No: P 02/01/37 generated by certified test laboratory No: 1148,ABEGU Co., Zkusebna, Czech Republic.

The overvoltage protection is made under utility design č.: 10494

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